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Trauma centres

The decision of the Government to set up trauma centres at various places on the Jammu- Srinagar, and Jammu-Poonch national highways to provide immediate relief to accident victims needs to be appreciated. There is an urgent need to set up these trauma centres in view of the increasing frequency of traffic accidents. Not a single day passes without an accident on these two busy roads. Leaving aside the material loss in terms of damaged vehicles etc. A great, irreparable human loss occurs in these accidents. Most of the patients die on way to hospitals located in big town or State capitals- Jammu or Srinagar as there is no facility to provide immediate medical aid to accident victims.
By providing timely medical assistance many precious can be saved, and as a consequence of it many families can be saved from coming on roads.
Now when the Government has decided to set up these centres, there should be no delay in starting work on these centres. They should be build within a time frame.
The coming up of these centres will a great service to the State people.

Yours etc...
Arminder Singh

A sound suggestion

During the last some years we in India have been experiencing and noticing some wrong dements showing their presence in the administration through the political parties, both at the Centre and the States. People, of and on, come know about the instances of scams political harassment, political vindicativeness, law and order problems and even killings. The people in general are becoming disgusted and seem to be getting disinterested in the present, performance of the Government. Some reforms are urgently needed so that the wrong elements are wiped out from the system.
The constitution has provided the best possible political system for the country. It is the people of the country to rise to the occasion through the political parties and act so that the flaws in the system are eliminated from the system.
Y S Qureshi, the Chief Election Commissioner of India, has suggested at Kolkata during the second Regional Consultation Election Reforms Committee that during the elections, the leaders or persons with tainted or criminal background should not be allowed to be the candidates in the elections.
This is a very good and sound suggestion which needs to be given serious consideration by the authority at helm of affairs and act so that the prevailing wrong elements in the system are wiped out. People also must vote for honest, dedicated and hardworking candidates in the elections.

Yours etc...
Soom Nath Tickoo
Ram Vihar, Jammu-7

Poor performance

The poor performance of Indian football team during the recently held Asia cup in Doha deserves to be taken note of it by the Sports Ministry.
The poor performance has been attributed to poor infrastructure and lack of modern facilities to India players. English coach Bob Houghton says India are light years behind China in developing football, and has urged the country to get its act together. He said, ‘‘This tournament is a step up for us, but if India wants to improve then it needs to do something about the domestic football programme, its infrastructure, its coach training programmes and so on. Because that is all crucial to the game.’’
It is very disheartening to say that the Sports Ministry, Corporate houses, and people there do not attach much importance to other games like hockey and football. India has become a cricket obsessed country. It is cricket everywhere- in lanes, streets, and stadia; on TV, radio and in newspapers. The involvement of corporate houses in cricket has raised the status of cricket and players to newer heights.
Cricket alone won't make the country proved. The success in Common Wealth Games and Asian games enhanced the image of the country in the comity of nations. Lavish showers were praised on Indian players for their excellent performance in these games.
Hope corporate sector would come forward in the rescie of other sports in the State.

Yours etc...
Vikram Jasrotia
Bari Brahmana, Jammu

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