Gharana notified

One of the famous wetlands named Gharana situated in R.S. Pura cover approximately 0.75 sq. km. is home to thousand of migratory birds during winter season. This wetland located close to Indo-Pak border in Jammu district, now, has been notified as a protected water body and declared as Important Bird Area (IBA). This is truly a motivational news for all the concerned stakeholders and most importantly for those who continuously worked towards this for its recognition like students, scholars, eminent writers, local people, Government and non-government authorities.
Now, according to the new guidelines, the State Government has accorded sanction to notify Gharana Wetland Reserve in the interest of wildlife preservation and development in Jammu and Kashmir. The Deputy Commissioner of Jammu has declared this area as "wetland reserve" under the Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Protection Act, 1978. Any attempt by any person to alter the boundaries, divert the land of the Protected Area or impede the working of the department of wildlife protection for the management of the area and protection of wildlife shall be violation of the Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Protection Act 1978.
The birds which visit the reserve include Siberian hans, Keel, Grey Heron and Little Grebe from New Zealand, America and Australia. This reserve, popularly known as "bird-watchers paradise," supports a population of 20,000 to 25,000 birds of different species during every winter with most of the species being migratory, endangered or covered under different schedules of the Act. Wildlife experts and environmentalists had expressed concern over the decline in the number of birds turning up at the wetland and officials had blamed it partly on encroachment by locals. The encroachment in the wetland has reduced the size of the wetland to less than half of its official size.
Better late than never, at last, the set of necessary actions from the government side are highly appreciated and now its our duty to just continue our consistent efforts to conserve and preserve this unique resource because now we have a good reason for continuation.

Yours etc..
Jeet Dogra
Research Scholar,
School of Management (SHTM),
University of Jammu

A place of pride

By finding a place in ‘The Times’ magazine's top 10 sports moments of the year, Iconic Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has done us once again proud. His remarkable feat of record-breaking one day international double country will remain one of the great moments in the annals of sports history of the world. The double ton was praised lavishly, as it was scored against a formidable opponent South Africa, and not against a weak country. The feat was achieved with swiftness, dexterity and great sportsmanship. The double ton left Sachin's critics silenced, and his fans surprised. It is impossible for the cricket fans to forget the moment as it has remained etched in their memory forever. If any cricketer, in the future, is able to break this record, it will still remain important, as it is now.
As a person, Sachin has earned administration from every one- cricket legends or cricket fans. Recently, the West Indies legendary batsman Vivin Richards was all praise for Sachin. He said that it was impossible for anyone to break Sachin's record of 49 centuries in the coming times. He also said that it is a matter of time before he could score his 50th century.

Yours etc...
Nitin Sharma

Study centres
in Jammu city

I, on behalf of the students of different study centers run by Universities under Distance mode want to know from the Government of J&K what is the fate of those students, who have completed their studies through them. These universities have UGC recognition and IGNOU approval.
If these Study Centre are not recognized by Government of J&K and Jammu University, then please close all these study centre so that no student loses his time and money, or recognise the degrees issued through them, make it clear regarding the recognized study centers in

Jammu city.
Yours etc...
Mansabi Sharma
On behalf of students of Study centres

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