War against terror to be fought unitedly: Dr Jitendra

Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh with BJP and BJYM activists at Mandli, Billawar on Tuesday.
Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh with BJP and BJYM activists at Mandli, Billawar on Tuesday.

Avtar Bhat
MANDLI (BILLAWAR), Feb 19: Maintaining that war against terrorism has to be fought unitedly, Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh today cautioned against statements coming from certain Kashmir-centric leaders in the aftermath of Pulwama terror attack, which tend to instigate the perpetrators of terrorism.
Dr Jitendra Singh, was addressing a BJP Party meeting here. The meeting started with observance of a two-minute silence in the memory of Pulwama martyrs. He said, even in the most developed democracies like the United States, all the political parties and groups affiliated to different ideologies come together when faced with a terror threat, and therefore, there should be no hesitation on part of anybody to express gratitude to the supreme sacrifice of the martyred security personnel and to call a terrorist a terrorist without being apologetic.
Dr Jitendra Singh, while referring to statement of former Chief Minister and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chief, Mehbooba Mufti who said that Pak Prime Minister, Imran Khan should be given time, said that such decisions should be left to the discretion of Ministry of External Affairs which can take a best decision in this regard.
He said the nature of relationship and dealing with Pakistan should be left to Union Government and the State leaders should trust the Government of India which can take best decision in the national interests instead of making such statements which can create confusion among the people.
He asked the party men to guard against the elements who are inimical to national interests and trying to sow the seeds of hatred just for the sake of chair. The need of hour is to launch a united war against the terrorism and its perpetrators who are posing a grave threat to peace and tranquility.
He asked the youth to come forward and become part of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s campaign of New India. He said the youth constitute 70 percent of the India’s population and the future of India lies in their hands. “The Indian youth is forward thinking who can’t be corrupted by any one and they can take a right decision in national interests without coming under any body’s including their parents influence, he added.
On the occasion, Dr Jitendra Singh also inaugurated the new “Gaushala” and spoke about various development projects which had been stalled for the last several decades, but were accomplished in the last five years. He said, the work on Shahpur-Kandi Dam has already started after having been stalled for nearly 40 years and it is expected to be complete in the next three or four years, after which the entire district of Kathua, including the Billawar-Basohli belt, will have abundant irrigation and power supply.
As for the Ujh Multipurpose Project, Dr Jitendra Singh informed that the project was revived after over two decades and a high-level meeting was recently held in the presence of Governor, Satyapal Malik and Union Minister for Water Resources, Nitin Gadkari.
The work on this project will also start soon and since the water requirement in district Kathua and the remaining areas is going to be just one-third of the total water available, it has been decided to put in place a canal system to carry the surplus water for irrigation in other States like Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan , instead of allowing it to flow into Pakistan.
The Dayalachak Road project, Dr Jitendra Singh said, had also been delayed because of conflicting priorities of certain local leaders. However, he said, with the intervention of the Governor’s regime, it has been revived and Advisor K.K. Sharma is personally following it up.
Dr Jitendra Singh called upon the BJP Karyakartas to go to the people to make them understand how the earlier Governments and earlier elected representatives had ignored the development works in the region, which have now been accomplished within just five years. On the occasion, he also distributed documents to beneficiaries of Ujjwala and other public welfare schemes of the Modi Government.
Dr Jitendra Singh enumerated a series of first-ever development works in the Udhampur-Kathua-Doda Lok Sabha constituency which have been accomplished within the last five years and the visual evidence of which is available on record as well as in the public domain/social media for anybody to see.
He asked the party men to go to people and apprise them of the developmental works as well as welfare schemes launched by Modi Government in the State and said after their completion they will be game changer for the people and create many job avenues for the local youth.
He said Modi Government paid extra attention for the development of backward areas of the country like North Eastern States and Jammu and Kashmir so that the people of these States should not lag behind from rest of country and also progress with the rest of country.