Unveil scams in Sports Council, DYSS

There should be no incompatibility between decisions taken and their implementation and administrative threads supposed to be strong should not appear so fragile that should create repugnance for the Government for keeping critical decisions in cold freezer and not implementing them. The scenario of scams, irregularities and corruption which, we are afraid, has affected and rather polluted and dented a major part of the system to this extent that perhaps, with the change of guard, it is thought prudent not to touch what was decided to unveil and unravel all about gross irregularities and scams wherever having sprouted. The present Lieutenant Governor, known for administrative abilities and having clearly announced zero tolerance for financial irregularities and corruption, has to take decisions, at times tougher ones . May we ask as to the current fate of ”Fact finding Committees” and the ”Sports Task Force” announced by the previous Governments? Were the papers and decisions about that all destined to remain just up to mere announcements?
If that is the reality behind non implementation, no wonder, due to such casual and lackadaisical approaches towards frauds, scams and corruption could result only in emboldening the current and prospective perpetrators to intensify their uncalled for, unethical and anti people actions since the money , the funds, the grants whatever, are all hard core public money .There is not an iota of doubt that the present Lt. Governor would sooner than later, revive and make operational such committees and constitute the Task Force as well, so that the nuts and bolts of the entire slew of irregularities committed in Sports Council and DYSS lay unmasked and bare. It is not without any reason that the previous Governor (of the erstwhile state) Satya Pal Malik had received specific, pointed information and complaints which led to the taking of decision to constitute these committees . Both the Sports Council and the Department of Youth Services and Sports being Government run bodies, are reportedly plagued with irregularities and various scams.
We have, on umpteen times, brought home the cardinal point of the time factor that plays a vital and critical part to get the perpetrators of scams and frauds right up to the prosecution and jail levels in addition to losing their jobs. On the other hand, the scenario could be aborting all efforts of the apparatus of conducting enquiries, charge sheeting and prosecuting the culprits only to get scot free as charges could not be proved due to time factor which the frugal system allowed and which the accused exploited by tampering with records, manipulations, non-tracing of vouchers and receipts and missing of other vital documents. The fate and the likely outcome of starting the process belatedly, if any even now, as enumerated in the lines above, can well be gauged.
It seems quite ludicrous that despite several irregularities and scams in Sports Council and DYSS having reportedly been brought into the notice of the respective dispensations , yet any action taken is nowhere visible. Such a state of affairs are quite in conflict with the Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha’s clear directions to each and every department of the Administration that ”neither the corrupt and nor corruption of any sort would be acceptable” to him . In that context , it is well within the realm of his commitment to bring about probity, transparency and accountability in the system that wherever financial irregularities , frauds and scams are committed, they are very swiftly dealt with in such a manner so as to create an air of deterrence.
After all, looking to the range of ”free for all” scenario prevalent in these twin Government run bodies in Jammu and Kashmir, comprising illegal promotions, purchasing of equipments and fixtures, infrastructure creating, misutilisation and misappropriation of huge funds, bungling in framing of seniority lists for consideration, commission to release funds to sports associations, despite having corruption cases pending occupying prominent posts and the like, should not go unexposed and unpunished. Instead of utilising huge funds, lavishly sent by the Central Government, to groom and train sports talent, most of such funds being siphoned off illegally for personal benefits, is a crime simple as that, requiring stringent punishment. Let the matter not go for courts’ intervention which calls for an early and concerted but swift action by the UT Administration.