‘Undeclared Emergency’ in BJP regime: BSP

LUCKNOW, June 26:
Bahujan Samaj Party president Mayawati on Tuesday lashed out at the BJP over the ‘undeclared emergency’ in the country alleging that the Dalits and the backwards are being pushed in the corner and all efforts are being made to deny them the democratic rights of reservation facility.
“The country was going through an undeclared emergency as the democratic rights of the people are being snatched. Demonetisation was a move to clamp economic emergency in the country,” she said while reacting  to the 43th anniversary of Emergency here on Tuesday.
“The situation now is too similar like 1975 when the Emergency was clamped in the country,” she said.
Claiming that BJP has lost to say anything on Dalits and backwards, she said the atrocities against these communities have increased  in the BJP regime while the poor, farmers, labourers and other communities  are being harassed.
The BSP chief also criticised the BJP for trying to snatch away the reservation facilities from the backwards  and Dalits.
“As the Government was promoting private sector in government sectors, hence the reservation would be severely affected,” she said. (UNI)