Tunnel detected in Arnia

While the commander of Pakistani Rangers flag marched in Arnia sector to talk peace to his BSF counterpart on the IB, Pakistani jihadis sponsored by ISI were busy digging a secret tunnel close to the Arnia border for pushing jihadi suicide bombers into our side of the border with arms and bombto unleash terror attacks on army and police posts and installations. All material evidences are in the possession of BSF that prove beyond doubt that Pakistan army had extended fullest possible support to the digging of the tunnel. This is the second tunnel discovered by the BSF alert japans and thus thwarting a major attack by Pakistani jihadis. This detection proves that the so-called flag march demanded by Pakistan Ranges is in fact another cover for the infiltrating jihadis and that in future the BSF should reject such offers as it is treachery naked and blatant. The level of preparations was to the mark that latest equipment was pressed into service to dig the tunnel and a large quantity of ammunition, weapons and eatables and also medicines with Pakistani markwere recovered from the spot. We salute our BSF jawans whose alertness thwarted the conspiracy and exposed Pakistan’s peace pretexts.