Terrorism to be dealt with to its finish

June 20 was a day of its own importance when not only the President addressed the joint session of the Parliament as is customary but in outlining the broad road map of what his Government was further specially going to do for the next five years in response to getting so overwhelmingly the “very clear mandate” for it in recently held elections. Most sensitive issues and with far reaching effects were touched like making India the 5th largest and fastest growing economy of the world, terrorism, security scenario, curbing corruption, saving water, one -time poll, triple talaq, farmers’ problems and the like. Unless each and every person in India was empowered, the march to achieve the goal of “New India” by 2022 would be less meaningful and that the development process started in 2014 was required to be continued uninterruptedly, was what was conveyed through the address of President Ram Nath Kovind. This Government meant business, and business in terms of delivery on each and every front, was unambiguously conveyed. Economic challenges as also those in respect of security of the nation were to be given top priority where the focus would be on bettering the lives of the citizens of the country.
It is an admitted fact that terrorism and terror related violence were great impediments in and antidote to progress, peace and prosperous normal life. This country has the unique place as victim in having borne the worst of what the biggest threat to humanity and human values – the terrorism, can bring all with it. We have been reeling under its impact now for the last over four decades and the State of Jammu and Kashmir has been the worst affected. The tragedy is that complete peace still eludes the valley of Kashmir, neutralising most of those who have donned the attire and adopted the demonic line of causing death and destruction only to get consumed themselves by the same scourge though, has brought the terror related activities to almost to its fated doom. President in his address made it clear that his Government was making all efforts with full dedication to provide safe and peaceful environment to the residents of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. That bringing the State out of the troubled phase and ensure complete peace and progress continued to be on the priority of the Government was reminiscent in the address of the President .
It is not that the main strength behind this blend of religious hate and bigotry, indoctrination , providing arms and ammunition along with training scenario known as sponsored terrorism – Pakistan is not, of late, being made to pay the price for such acts otherwise not behoving a civilized nation. As of now, that country is internationally isolated having lost the requisite respect which is due to a sovereign independent member of international comity only on account of sponsoring and manufacturing terrorism. The situation in that country has reached to this extent that to bail out its bankrupt economy to come out of its morass of crippled State, to overcome a ballooning balance-of-payment crisis and to finance its critical imports, it is desperately beseeching international lending institutions like Asian Development Bank and others to sanction loans to it.
The question is as to why it does not stop its mission of manufacturing of terrorism. Since there is surprisingly the tug-of-war between at least three fountainheads of governance , the ‘elected’ Government, the extremist clergy and the army which all must jointly agree for firmly putting an end to sending armed infiltrators and train, arm, finance and sponsor them to create death and destruction here. Since that is not even in the least possible, the Government would firmly fight them to their finish so as to provide safe and peaceful environment to the people here. The surgical strikes which the President referred to in his address had demonstrated both the intent and capabilities of India and that in future also, all possible steps would be taken to secure the country’s security.
Admittedly, illegal infiltrators other than for spreading mayhem and violence only, posed a considerably major threat to our internal security which was leading to social imbalance in many parts of the country for which the Government was going to implement the process of “National Register of Citizens’ on priority basis in areas affected by the infiltration. India should no longer be taken for granted and any type of infiltration anywhere in the country was going to be firmly tackled. Rohingyas from Myanmar had settled in Jammu region besides at other places and therefore are supposed to be deported forthwith.
Kashmir centric ‘mainstream’ politicians must read the writing on the wall as to whether peace, prosperity and progress could result by exhibiting implicitly or explicitly showing soft corner for militants and their senseless activities. The need of the hour is generation of positive and realistic political activities aiming at taking on terrorism and its followers politically. In other words, there should be now no scope for coming out with any statement, action, or policy that would further encourage them and provide moral, political or any other support to them as enough is now too much of enough.