TCS launches digital solution for life cycle assessment and reporting

New Delhi, Sept 18: Tata Consultancy Services on Monday announced the launch of a life cycle assessment (LCA) tool that computes environmental impact across product lines.
The tool, built in collaboration with PRé Sustainability, is based on open-source technologies and a cloud-agnostic architecture so it can be easily deployed across different cloud platforms, the IT major said in a statement.
TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler enables simultaneous LCA for all products originating from a specific manufacturing facility, offering a comprehensive view of the impact from materials, transportation, suppliers, energy consumption, and processes.
It computes environmental impact across multiple dimensions, beyond greenhouse gas emissions, from human toxicity and water use to ozone depletion and particulate matter – and highlights impact hotspots to alert the organization to possible changes.
“TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler will help our clients identify the changes they need to make their product value chains more sustainable and advance their climate goals,” TCS Global Head for Strategic Capabilities Group Suranjan Chatterjee said.
PRé Sustainability Managing Director and CEO Eric Mieras said, “Our partnership with TCS addresses the need for customers to have reliable and transparent environmental footprint information for products at scale.” (PTI)