Q: Growing population is the main problem of India. How to check it?
A: India is grappling with not only the problem of growing population but various other factors are there to contribute in the already problem-hit country, which have virtually stalled the desired and required rate of its growth. Checking the growing population is not a very tough job, provided the Government shows some will and determination by rising above the vote politics. The example of China is before the entire world, which by taking stringent measures has been able to control and put a check on the ever growing menace of population. India should simply emulate China and obtain the desired results.
Q: “Hurriyat leader Mr Bhat is 100% correct when he says that UNO Resolutions have become obsolete in the present scenario. Moreover who says India is ruling over Kashmir militarily etc. In fact Kashmiri leaders in separatists, militants and others are ruling all over India with ‘Chirag of Alladin’ in their hands which fetches them all sorts of luxuries at the risk and cost of poor Kashmiri population…… which trend shall not last long”. Please comment?
A: A couplet of Mirza Ghalib often comes to mind that “Dard Ka Had Se Guzarana Hai Dawa Hona”, whenever I think about prevailing conditions in Kashmir vis-à-vis sufferings of a poor common Kashmiri, whose day starts with toil and ends up in making both ends meet. These are not the common people but Kashmiri leadership with a particular bent of mind who have been, are and will continue to prevail upon different types of conditions to ensure that their self-interests were protected at all costs. You have rightly mentioned that the trend won’t last long because these would be the common people of Kashmir who may rise to the occasion and come forward to decide their fate on their own giving least credence to what the traditional leaders would have in store to befool them any further. The youth of Kashmir have seen the futility of gun and may rise to the occasion by negating the dictates of so-called elders and decide their fate on their own.
Q: I fail to understand that if I have to live in a single room, then why should I build a bungalow, if I have to eat food, then why should I collect gold. Please explain me why should I ruin my life after wealth?
A: The God is great who provides every thing to a person as per his needs, but He cannot meet his greed more so towards the wealth through whatever means. The reason behind it can be said to be lack of contentment or satisfaction to the person concerned with his lot and this lust for worldly luxuries gives rise to various illogical methods through which one starts amassing wealth without caring for as to what is right or wrong for him till he gets exposed before the law of land and lands in shambles. Contentment is the key to off set the mad race towards ill-gotten money or wealth.
Q: Don’t you think Union Government is acting adamantly against the will of the people especially common man who feels helplessness in earning one meal for his family, for a person who is responsible for such inflation and may get promotion to the post of First Citizen?
A: No single person is ever responsible for inflation in any country of the world. Moreover the politicians, howsoever capable they might be, are always guided by the bureaucrats of their respective departments. If the Indian rupee is getting cheaper with every passing day as compared to US dollar, it is not due to incompetence of Finance Minister of India as global recession may be the root cause. One should not forget that in the present times when the economy of big powers of the world is dwindling, It is India which, some how, has not allowed its economy to get hit much as compared to other countries of the world. As a person Pranav Mukherjee is not a bad choice when it comes to man the biggest constitutional post of the country, because otherwise also there is no person to the stature of Pranav in the eyes of the electorates to man the said post.
Q: Huge electricity arrears are pending with legislators, ministers, bureaucrats and Government departments but the common man is being made to bear the brunt of power cuts in the scorching heat of June. Do you agree with me?
A: I fully agree with you that it is the common man who is suffering at the hands of Power Development Department, which is presently headed by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. Amazingly the Chief Minister has written on his tweeter asking the electricity consumers to pay as per market price and that power in Jammu and Kashmir is cheaper in the country after Sikkim. I think the Chief Minister has forgotten to write that over 900 crores of rupees arrears are lying pending with different Government departments besides the VVIPs who are not in the habit of paying any bills whatsoever. If there are transmission losses those can be curbed or minimized by taking requisite steps but in no case the common man should be made to suffer.
Q: In India there is a race for quantity education and not for quality education. Is it true?
A: It is very much true that none is taking pains to explore ways and means for quality education. Stress is always given on high pass percentage but none is bothered as to what type of class this present system of education is producing in schools, colleges and universities. In admissions to higher learning some percentage is fixed, which means below that very percentage would become drop-outs and none would think about their future! Why a person with 35% marks is declared passed when he cannot obtain further education is a serious question which the education planners should bear in mind while making policies for qualitative education. Let us hope quality education would be taught in India very soon.
Q: Do you think that Traffic Light System is a solution to traffic problem in Jammu?
A: Those at the helm of affairs might have given some serious thought before initiating move to erect traffic signals in Jammu city, where volume of traffic is beyond apprehension of a person as thousands of vehicles are added on roads every month while the road length has remained the same. To me it seems that system may work in Gandhi Nagar and other localities on the left bank of river Tawi but Traffic Signals may not work as far as the walled city is concerned. Let us hope for the better.
Q: Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you can pull out when in trouble; but it is a “steering wheel” that directs the right path throughout the journey. Comment?
A: You have rightly said that prayer is a steering wheel, but generally people forget to hold it when their journey seems to them a smooth sailing. It is only during distress that they start praying the God Almighty and make several vows that are often forgotten when the prayers turn out to be true. I am of the opinion that one should always pray God to have smooth sailing in life.


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