Status of ‘Flower Market’ in Jammu

We would like to know from the authorities of the Floriculture Department as to where is the Flower Market in Jammu situated . This is by no means a critical satire only but an inquisitive issue connected with how planning and schemes take place in the Floriculture Department. We are given to understand that the requisite machinery etc was duly purchased years back for marketing purposes which, however, is in idleness and gathering layers of dust.
A few days back, we had seriously shared with the readers as to how a full blossomed flower crop was destroyed by the farmers due to very steep fall in the demand for flowers due to coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdown. Had there been an arrangement to store hard laboured grown flowers as it was perceived as back as in the year 2007 by establishing a separate Directorate of Floriculture for both the regions with one Flower Mandi at both the capital cities, the situation would have not reached that pass as to destroy the standing crop. While such a Mandi is established and is functioning in Srinagar, there is again the proverbial step motherly treatment meted out to Jammu and till date such a market or Mandi at Jammu is brazenly denied. Jammu farmers cannot be neglected simply because marigold flowers alone are grown which have comparatively more immunity than other delicate flowers. An early attention is what is required in the matter by the Government.