Split verdict in Kargil

The split verdicts in elections to Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) Kargil has became a bane, instead of a boon for the people of Kargil district. Every time these elections are held with much fanfare but, at last, after verdict they prove disastrous.
These minority Governments after assuming power collapse in no time if the crutches (read independents) withdraw support. With the result, the development of the region suffers and no worthwhile project is undertaken for the welfare of people here. Otherwise also, no much development work can be executed during a limited period of summer season. Due to harsh climate, and inaccessibility the region remains cut off for a pretty long time of six months. The councillors elected must keep this situation in mind and get themselves ready for the service of the region. They should leave petty politics behind them for the sake of suffering masses.
Nazir Ahmed