Shivling, 11 Jyotiling, Lord Ganesh, Nandhi’s idols installed at Mata Ardheshwari Temple

Shivlings installed in Mata Ardheshwari temple Billawar on Thursday. —Excelsior/Pardeep
Shivlings installed in Mata Ardheshwari temple Billawar on Thursday. —Excelsior/Pardeep

Excelsior Correspondent
KATHUA, Aug 6: Shivling and 11 Jyotiling, Lord Ganesh and Nandhi’s idols were installed at Deva Parvat Mata Ardheshwari Temple in tehsil Billawar of district Kathua by Devinder Seth, president Vishal Khatri Sabha J&K. The special attractive, idols were installed with full religious rituals, Mantra chanting , Panch Rattani holy bath , Havan followed by Bhandara and Kanjak Pujan by Pandit Romesh Chander Shastri, head priest Sain Nath Bawa and businessman Ved , owner of Delhi Hut in connection with Bhoomi Poojan of Bhgwan Ram at Ayodhya.
The devotees assemble during installation of Shivlingam chanting Har Har Mahadev , Jai Sri Ram.
Speaking on the occasion, Devender Seth said Lord Ganesha is one of the most important deities as per Hindu mythology. He is held in deep regard by countless devotes from all over India. Lord Ganesha is believed to maintain a systematic balance between force and leniency, and power and beauty, who endows devotees with the ability to discern the difference between truth and illusion, real and fallacy. Lord Ganesha symbolizes the figure of divinity and is believed to bless his followers with fortune, wisdom, and knowledge. Lord Ganesha is the divine almighty of symbolic wisdom, knowledge, peace, and prosperity which he bestows upon devotees.
Seth further said that son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati, Ganesha is viewed as the remover of obstacles for which he is accredited as Vighna Harta (destroyer of obstacles). Therefore his celebration known as Ganesh Chaturthi marks the special beginning of the day for every devotee seeking blessings of the lord for prosperity and harmonious living. Devotees who are debt-ridden should perform Sri Ganesh Maha Puja to put an end to debts from their lives. Ganesh puja is beneficial for everyone stuck in property-related dispute and wants its quick solution.
It is believed that worship of Ganesha idol is a harbinger of a solution of disputes associated with property and lands. If you are in the pursuit of a rewarding career or want to seek growth in your existing employment, Ganesh Puja will grant you the desired success in your related career goal. Ganesh Puja, if observed with pure conscience and regards, will cure you of health syndromes. If you are someone suffering from an endless martial scuffle in your life and seeking its permanent solution, observe Ganesh Puja. People who are businessmen and want to gain profitable growth in their commercial venture must worship Ganesha to fulfil their dream, added Seth.