Sethi lambasts Faesal, terms his statement bundle of lies

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 11: Lambasting the former IAS Officer, Shah Faesal State Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) termed his press conference as bundle of lies and concocted tales to defame the tolerant Indian State.
State Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief spokesperson, Sunil Sethi while reacting to his press conference termed the statement of Faesal not only false but motivated to create wedge in peaceful society. He said his statement indicates that former Bureaucrat has chosen to play in the hands of forces inimical to India. This is very apparently clear by such misleading statement by him.
Sethi in a strong statement said that India is the most tolerant country of the world where persons having faith in any religion can live in peace and attain the highest position in public life like late President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam. It is this great country which gives opportunities to ungrateful persons like Shah Faesal to top prestigious Civil Services because here merit is counted rather than religion a person belongs to.
Sethi further noted that any person belonging to any religion has Constitutional right in India to live in peace but correspondingly there is duty upon him to allow others also to live in peace and to uphold the prestige and honour of country. Shah Faesal is part of new weapon of intolerance hoax being hurled towards the country. He is trying to do harm to India which separatists have failed and he is also doomed to fail, the BJP leader added.
He said it is unfortunate situation that people who have progressed in life because of tolerable attitude of nation are standing with ideology of hatred to lynch mother India. This is act of parricide of killing own mother who nourished you with her milk. Such type of persons deserves no respect because of their academic achievements but society will always look them down for making attempt to bring bad name to Mother India.
Sethi said Shah Faesal and such like opportunists are always in look for greener pastures and he has tried to bring bad name to national harmony for taking steps towards politics. Anybody has right to enter politics but politics which has foundation on deceit and misinformation will never pay, he added.