Senior faculty shortage in universities

Universities are temples of learning from ancient times and play an important role in the future of youth. India had been the centre of learning in the past, but with time, it lost its sheen. Right now, no Indian university is listed in the list of the top hundred. Reasons are not hard to find, despite UGC guidelines and clear-cut policies defined, yet our universities find out ways to flout rules and go scot-free with students the ultimate sufferers. Universities in Jammu and Kashmir are no different. It is a reality that Jammu and Kashmir have few universities and can be counted on fingers, and yet authorities are least bothered to take care of even those. A shortage of well-qualified teaching staff in universities is an unpardonable offence. The limited scope of career enhancement has played a much negative role as qualified persons prefer to opt for a better alternative option. Numerous higher faculty vacancies are vacant for years, remote regions with the least facilities being the main reason as faculty have to look for the future of their children also, social factors like their schooling, medical facilities, and standard of the city play an important role. Kashmir University has another set of problems: due to frequent disturbances, it is the least preferred destination for eligible outside faculty. The difference in retirement ages between Central Universities and other universities is another reason. LG had already announced to remove this disparity but no official order yet. Court cases by own faculty and adhocism are other stumbling blocks with eligible candidates moving out of UT. Things get further complicated as even existing faculty members are going to retire in the coming months, and no viable alternatives are available for immediate recruitment. All these factors, when combined, are iniquitous and grandiose. With ample grants at their disposal and even paid seats now in universities, these torts have to find a way out as students are being denied quality education. The administration must intervene to get the matter resolved at the earliest.