Saving dying Dal lake

Dal Lake in the heart of Srinagar city needs no introduction either for its special natural features and hence of tremendous tourism potential or unfortunately for its present condition whereby it frantically gasps for survival. Although to conserve , save and protect it, efforts for quite some time are going on, yet on the ground much is not apparently seen. When shall that day be actually seen when crystal clear (and even drinkable) water in it is ”restored” on account of a tremendous sustained campaign launched to rid it of pollution, encroachments and brazen exploitation . That day will really be a historical day in that it will be construed that the Dal is finally revived and saved.
In this connection, not only the Government and its agencies but Dal lovers- nature and environment lovers – too actively join in the campaign. Constructions around it, raising of residential colonies as many have already come up, are a constant and permanent threat to the dying lake. In this context, Division Bench of the High Court has ordered that any type of construction in and around 200 metres of the periphery of the Lake shall continue to be banned. The Court termed the Lake as the “Crown Jewel” laying stress on doing everything possible to protect it. That also implies that the provisions of the new Master Plan are not abused with regard to the Dal or any other water body. Even carrying building material in and around the 200 metres periphery of the Lake is banned, says the Court order.