SASB misleading people: VHP

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 1:- Accusing Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) of playing with the sentiments of the Shiv Bhakts on the name of prevailing weather conditions in yatra area and that the snow bound tracks to holy cave have not been cleared as yet, VHP international spokesperson Dr Surinder Jain today said that Board can’t mislead the people any more now so far as the clearance of tracks is concerned.
Talking to reporters here today along with VHP State president, Dr Rama Kant Dubey and Bajrang Dal state convener, he said that Board was displaying the old photos taken from helicopters to mislead the people across the country.
Ridiculing the claims of the Shrine Board, he asked if the snow will not be in Amarnath will it be in Raghunath Bazar here? The snow remains there throughout the year and even during August the people have to cross over glaciers at various places, he added.
Dr Jain said as reported by a Hindi paper that pilgrims visited the Holy Cave during April 18 this year and also took photographs of the Shivlingam and the track, which were later got published in newspapers, the authorities should have no problem in starting the yatra on June 4. When the pilgrims could visit the Holy Cave in April why can’t in June, he asked?
He while terming totally baseless the apprehensions of the Government that any mishap can take place due to bad weather conditions during this part of the year said what guarantee is there that the weather will not even turn hostile on June 25 the official date of yatra.
Reiterating that yatra will start on June 3 from here to have first darshan on Jesht Purnima at Holy Cave, he said the yatirs have started reaching here and the first batch will proceed for holy cave from Parade at 11 am. He warned that Government will have to face serious consequences if it tried to use force against the yatris.
He said the Shiv Bhakts are ready to face any action for performing darshan at Holy Cave but appealed authorities not to try to break the unity of people of Jammu who are solidly behind the VHP stand.
He said in 2007 the yatra started on June 7 (Jesht Purnima) and continued for two months and there was no problem at that time. This reveals that the Board was working on the behest of those forces who want that this yatra should not be run, he added.