Rules for Compassionate Appointments

Bugged by lot of controversy , SRO-43 is now replaced by Jammu and Kashmir Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme 2022 to help and benefit the dependents of those Government employees who die in harness, become victims of terror violence / enemy action or due to other reasons specified under the Rehabilitation Scheme 2022. The dependent members are the spouse, son, daughter etc in case of a married employee otherwise to brother or sister in case of an unmarried one.
However, it is to be noted that the concerned employee who dies while in service must, not even remotely, be involved in any way, with any type of militant activities. Needless to add, the scheme was already agreed to be adopted and implemented but since the procedural formalities are got to be completed, formal approval has now been accorded and duly notified as well. The issue of appointment of closest relatives of employees who die in service due to reasons enumerated above was mired in procedural controversies due to which many deserving cases had piled up for being considered and now all doubts and ambiguities been cleared, the cases duly verified must be disposed of expeditiously by a mindset influenced by the fact that an employee passed away while in service who could have been the lone bread earner in the family.