Roguery on LoC again by Pakistan

Sandwiched between the pressures from the terror groups and chicaneries of the Army, the Government of Pakistan is undone in reining in the perversity of its troops on the Line of Control which it intermittently is resorting to testing our patience. It is used to repeatedly violating the tranquillity and the sanctity of the Line of Control just to accomplish its objectives of devilry like damaging the property on this side, as well as martyring and injuring our armed personnel. In recent incidents, their unprovoked firing and violation of the LoC, resulted in the martyrdom of three of our Army soldiers and a porter besides causing injuries to the other three Jawans. This happened in Pallanwalla and Sunderbani sectors in Jammu and Rajouri districts. For the second day also, there was no let up in the cease fire violations by Pakistani troops in the twin borders of Poonch and Rajouri.
Such violations along the LoC, have become a routine for its troops, perhaps not doing on their own but definitely getting “orders” from the establishment over there in a vain attempt to keep the international attention focussed on Jammu and Kashmir, again in a vain bid to gain some mileage in international diplomatic channels which that country regularly fails in but gets, as usual retaliatory befitting response from the Indian side which of course, leads to building up of fresh tension on the border.
In the retaliatory action, Indian forces inflicted damages on the violators of ceasefire and destroyed their mobile bunkers from where firing was resorted to by Pakistani troopers killing five of them on the spot and wounding several others. It seems prosaic and astonishing that immediately after exchanging of sweets on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, on Chakkan Da Bagh and Hot Spring Points in Poonch and Mendhar sectors, Pakistani forces, the same night, ie; Wednesday, resorted to unprovoked firing with their mouths still tasting the sweetness of Deepawali sweets sent from this side. The Union Defence Ministry needs, under such hostile conditions constantly created by Pakistan, review such gestures of sending or accepting sweets when on the other hand, still in the process of tasting them, there should be exchange of firing, from our side in retaliatory response only, on the LoC. Gestures with sincere intentions should never get violated and insulted too.
It is quite disgusting that certain political leaders from this side have a queer response to the unabated hostilities and ceasefire violations from Pakistan, in that, instead openly condemning such actions, they keep on suggesting that India should “engage” Pakistan in talks and work (perhaps one sided) towards confidence building measures. What talks and why talks especially in conditions of open and brazen acts of animosity towards this country which include the extent of inflicting martyrdom on our jawans occasionally by sniper firing or ambushing the patrol parties and providing firing cover to its vermin infiltrators to cross to this side for fomenting trouble on a continuous basis?