Roads Audit


At least, someone in the administration must be made accountable for the upkeep and maintenance of roads in Jammu and Kashmir. Needless to add, in the core city itself and on busiest roads, wide and deep ditches are menacingly there unattended for not only weeks but for months together. We need not specify the exact numerous such locations where to drive a vehicle is not without getting bumps even of the damaging effects to the vehicles. Frequent digging of roads to lay down wires or pipes and then debris not lifted and kept unattended, the dug out patches not repaired and blacktopped are now just routines. Yes, but those roads are properly maintained, polished, painted and ”beautified” which are used by VVIPs frequently and other roads are left to their fate. However, it is a matter of satisfaction that the Lieutenant Governor has made engineers of Public Works Department (R&B) from ”top to bottom” accountable and responsible for improving the conditions of roads. Not only this, fresh SOPs having been issued to all those connected with maintenance of roads could hopefully lead to bettering of the situation. Regular auditing of roads plus maintaining the quality of construction and repairs need to be made mandatory