Renaming of roads and schools

As the J & K union territory Govt is renaming the existing government Schools, colleges and roads in the name of martyrs and a detailed list has been issued a few days back. A circular in this regard has also been issued directing respective deputy commissioners to shortlist the schools, colleges and roads and issue necessary orders for naming govt schools in the name of the martyrs who had sacrificed their today to safeguard our tomorrow. In this context it is to be brought into your kind notice that a few young martyrs from our area who had got martyred for the safety of our motherland in the wars with Pakistan as well as Pakistan sponsored militancy. Renaming the existing schools and roads after their name will be a tribute to their sacrifice besides a respect to their families and the local people. All these martyrs have been left out in the recently released list by the government.
In this context I would like to bring a few names of martyrs from our area in your kind information for consideration of their names for the said honour. They are, 1. Martyr Subash Chander Kotwal S/O Late Chuni Lal Kotwal R/O Chagsu, Panshyai , a recipient of President’s Medal Shorya Chakra posthumously who had sacrificed his youth while fighting the militancy in Punjab. Another martyr from our family who sacrificed his youth in Operation Meghadoot on 20th September 1987 at siachen glacier while fighting for the nation was martyr Pritam Singh Kotwal S/O Late. Amir Chand Kotwal R/O Malhota, Panshyai who had been awarded citation from chief of army staff posthumously.
A third young boy who sacrificed his youth at the young age of 22, a SPO member was martyr Ranjit Singh Manhas who had fought the militants hand to hand in Jantron Dhar on 26th june, 2004 at around 4am and sacrificed his life while fighting for the honour of our motherland and saving the locals from the hardcore Pakistan sponsored terrorists.
Keeping in view the sacrifice of all these young men from illaqua Panshyai who attained martyrdom, I request to name the Bhella -Panshyai-Sunarthawa road as martyr Pritam Singh Kotwal road and Govt High School Chasgsu as Martyr Subash Chander Kotwal High school chagsoo and middle school Malohta as Martyr Ranjit Singh Manhas Middle school Malhota. This in addition to a great tribute to these martyrs will also give respect to the esteemed families who may feel proud in addition to motivation of the local youth for the cause of the nation. Lastly, while doing this honour, the families of all these martyrs may kindly be made the honour guest of the ceremony.
Satish Singh Manhas R/O Panshyai
Tehsil Bhella, Distt Doda.