Redress grievances of GMC nurses

How can employees of Health and Medical Education Department holding different qualifications and terms of trainings get the same pay and allowances, is what irks hundreds of nursing staff at the Associated Hospitals of Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar. The question is why such anomalies are allowed to creep in to provide room for stirs and strikes, resorted to by the aggrieved employees?
We feel treating para – medical and nursing staff at the same footing for purposes of payment of salaries and allowances by the Government is symbolic of the dire need to have a uniform, refined and fool proof personnel policy , an area in which Jammu and Kashmir has not kept its matching steps with other parts of the country. An employee undergoing 4 years “extensive ” training to merit holding a particular job obviously cannot be put at the same parity with the one having been imparted a training of just 18 months, the logic put forth by the aggrieved nursing staff looks just and genuine. Not only that , it seems ludicrous on the part of the administration in not making any addition in the existing nursing strength for decades and due to which there is extra work load on the existing staff . They are agitated on account of that too looking to the bed strength increasing in associated hospitals day by day. We urge the authorities to address these issues at an early date.