Rare procedure to restore fertility performed by Dr Reubina at Dr KD’s Hospital

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, July 7: A rare and first of its kind procedure was performed in Jammu by Dr Reubina Singh at Dr KD’s Multispeciality Hospital in the IVF Department.
Dr Reubina Singh is Gurgaon based Senior Fertility Specialist and is the chief of Grace Fertility Centre in Gurugram. She is an expert in normalizing infertility and supports people seeking fertility treatments. She performed Hysteroscopic PRP sub endometrial instillation.
This procedure is usually done in patients with very thin endometrial lining and asherman’s syndrome. In this procedure, there is Intrauterine infusion of platelets rich plasma (PRP) and it’s a new approach to the treatment of thin endometrium. This procedure is specifically done for the patients with multiple IVF failures, damaged endometrial due to multiple D&C’s and genital TB.
PRP is prepared from patients’ own fresh whole blood that is enriched with platelets and it contains several growth factors like epidermal growth facts (ECF), transforming growth facts (TGF) and cytokines that induce growth and proliferation.
Dr Reubina also said that PRP injection is a very low risk procedure and doesn’t usually cause major side effects, in fact it’s more beneficial. The Intrauterine infusion of platelets rich plasma is a new approach that improves the endometrium thickness and improves overall pregnancy rates in failed IVF cases.
Dr Sumit Sharma, CEO of Dr’s KD’s Multispeciality Hospital laid emphasis on the importance of performance of such procedures in our area which are of minimum invasion, without any cut and stitch, and highly fruitful to the patient. He also added that the Hospital is fully equipped to perform such modern procedures and also any type of other procedures.