Raj Gas Industries providing free of cost oxygen cylinders to needy

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 12: Today when we are doubly saddened by the stories of black-marketing, stockpiling, hoarding and misappropriation of essential medical logistics, there are tales showcasing acts of kindness to extend relief to thousands of families affected by the pandemic.
Individual volunteers, too, have stepped up in this era of crisis and one such individual is Manu Rana, the proprietor of Raj Gas Industries, Jammu, who has been providing oxygen cylinders free of cost to the needy. His actions come as a welcome breather at a time when the inadequate supply of oxygen has been contributing to the worsening crisis at hand.
Manu Rana who runs his enterprise with the helping hands of Amit Sharma, Ashok Kumar and Vishal Chaudhary, says that it was the first hand wailing calls of distress from customers that propelled him to give a philanthropic touch to his business and do his bit in this hour.
Ever since, he has been busy distributing 100 to 125 Oxygen cylinders everyday, free of cost and only requests his customers to return the empty cylinders so that the future demands could be met and the ones who most genuinely need oxygen are catered well.
Rana’s Raj Gas Tower office, located at Gandhi Nagar in the city, is currently the base of his philanthropic operation. He counsels the patients against getting into a mode of anxiety and says that with proper inhalation for 15-20 minutes, the oxygen levels of the patients can come upto 93 to 94 per cent from the earlier 75 to 80 per cent levels.
With his plant at Samba Industrial Estate having a filling capacity of 300 cylinders per day, Rana says that he can raise the industrial capacity if the situation on ground deteriorates.
“We just want to ensure people don’t die due to scarcity of oxygen,” he says before sharing his phone numbers 0191-2459144, 9419187356 and email address gm.rajgas@gmail.com for anyone who needs help with oxygen.