Raina demands introduction of Sanskrit in all State institutions

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 3: Based on a representation received from the students and research scholars of Sanskrit Department, University of Jammu and Rashtriya Sanskrit Sanasthan (RSS) who showed their dismay over ignoring Sanskrit as subject of teaching in most of the existing Higher Secondary Schools in the State, MLC GL Raina has written to Advisor, Farooq Khan demanding introduction of Sanskrit Subject in all State institutions.
Continuing with this unfair approach the Sanskrit as a subject has again been overlooked in the recently upgraded schools, writes Raina. He adds, ” these students, research scholars and large number admirers of one of the most important languages are struggling for a long time now to ensure that the State Government withdraws its implicit policy of discrimination with the Sanskrit that for centuries used to be the lingua franca of the country helping different regions of Greater India to communicate with each other. Sanskrit is the language that has produced most of the greatest literary works created in this part of world. The body of Sanskrit literature does not contain religious texts only. It encompasses a rich tradition of philosophical and religious texts, as well as poetry, music, drama, scientific, technical and other texts.
In spite of centuries of neglect, discrimination and vilification by colonial powers Sanskrit continues to flourish and is now universally accepted as the language of computers. It is the language in which one of the first written records was found. It has had a huge influence on other languages. It is treasure of synonyms, phonetically accurate and the only unambiguous language that helps improves brain functioning. Number of schools, colleges and universities are making Sanskrit learning compulsory.