Predictions & Prophesies @ Curses & Congress

Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo
The developing political scenario after the recent elections in the three north-eastern states, by-polls for the two Lok Sabha seats in UP and elections to the vacant Rajya Sabha seats in various states of the country has a definite and pointed political meaning so far as the 2019 general elections are concerned. There is no doubt that these elections have enormously strengthened the ruling BJP and further decimated the opposition Congress party. It is for the first time in the history of parliamentary democracy that the Congress is finally squeezed to less than 100 seats in the two houses of Parliament, in no house it crosses 50 seat mark, its rule in the states has come down to four states only and in the Lok Sabha by-poles its candidates lost their security deposits in Phoolpur and Gorakhpur in UP. While the other regional forces have maintained status quo, the leftists have virtually been compelled to reconcile to the victories of others whom they call as their ‘comrades in arms’. It is the BJP which got three states of the North East for the first time either directly as BJP or indirectly as NDA and has also taken a big stride in the Rajya Sabha reaching almost 70 seats for the first time in its history.
Though the BJP lost two Lok Sabha seats in UP in the By-polls, yet it has no consequence on the Government at the Centre. The BJP has almost a whooping 350 MPs now in the Parliament and is seated in power in 21 states either singularly or in coalition. The Congress has been reduced absolutely to a nominal role after having ruled the nation and the states of the country for a long period of six decades. Moreover, all the top five important constitutional positions of the country are held by the non-Congress personas which include the President, Prime Minister, Vice President, Speaker-Lok Sabha and the Dy. Chairman-Rajya Sabha. As a student of history, politics and the parliamentary democracy, it becomes important to go to the memory lane and also visit the annals of history to know as to how things take their turn without a notice. Prophesies, predictions, curses and boons play their role silently, steadily, slowly but definitely in the course of history.
Indian National Congress was introduced in 1885 by the Britishers as a via media to put a brake on the genuine political aspirations of the Indians after the 1857 experience of the Ist war of Indian independence by the Indians. A.O.Hume and W.C Bannerji created a big line of activists who virtually converted this ‘British shock absorber’ for their Raj in India into a team of regular petitioners. But it was in 1905 that the Bengal partition by Britishers ignited the fire and the Congress went into the able hands of     Lal-Bal-Pal.
Dr. K.B. Hedgewar in 1922, after the rejection of his proposal to ask Congress to keep away from Khilafat movement, declared that he would form an organization which would destroy the Congress completely in one hundred years time. It was in 1925 that Dr. Hedgewar established RSS in Nagpur and pursued its core ideology of Hindutva based nationalism. His prophesy has crossed 95 years as on date.
India was partitioned in 1947 against the wishes of Mahatma Gandhi, however, the Congress declared independence simultaneously. India rose to a new horizon and the Indians looked to the new masters as their destiny makers. Gandhi ji expressed his intense desire to dissolve the Congress since its aim was realized though partially. Nobody in the then Congress paid any heed to his advice. Gandhi ji while preparing for the daily public prayer one day said that what he told them (Congress) they would be forced to do it themselves, some day. Today, Rahul Gandhi in the lead is doing the same after seventy years, of the prophesy, inadvertently.
The Go-Hatya Bandi Andolan was at its peak in 1966. Great Saint Karpatri ji Mahraj was in the centre of the storm which had the support of all sections of the Hindu society; Sikhs, Jains, Akharas and Ashrams lent physical, financial and moral support to the movement. Hundreds of men, women, saints, children and babas were injured and killed on the spot during a peaceful protest due to the brutal force employed by the Government. It was hell let lose by the administration on the peaceful crowd asking for “Ban on Cow-Slaughter” (one of the Directive Principles enshrined in the Constitution of India). More than 2,500 people got killed outside the Parliament and hundreds were injured, most of them seriously. People were forcibly shunted out of Delhi on the borders of different states in the government organised buses. There were heaps of dead bodies on the Parliament Street and cranes and bulldozers of the army along with the fire brigade machines were used to lift the human body parts and cleanse the streets within 12 hours.
Karpatri ji Maharaj with loads of dead bodies around him including in his lap wept bitterly and while pointing towards the Parliament he cursed that “one day a Sadhu in the non-Sanyasi attire will enter the Parliament and will bring Congress to near destruction.” He also predicted very bad times for the Gandhi-Nehru family.
Shri Devraha Baba, a very senior and respected saint of India, lived on a tree for whole of his life. People from various parts of the world would pay their visit to the tree and touch his hanging feet. One day, Smt. Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India also went to him and expressed the desire to touch his feet. The revered Baba lifted the feet and instead told Indira Gandhi that she needed to purify herself as she was responsible for heinous crimes during the emergency. He also said that she would be compelled to pay a very high price for what she did by clamping emergency. She returned from the site unblessed by the revered saint and publicly offered apologies thereafter.
While replying to the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha in 1996, the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said that he was not having the complete numbers with him on that particular date and the Congress was laughing at him. One day the BJP will be having the numbers and the whole country will laugh at Congress. He also promised to come with the required numbers next time and went to the Rashrapati Bhawan to submit his papers. Rahul Gandhi, the current President of the Congress has actually become a laughing stock in the political circles for anything and everything he does. He is in true sense of the term superintending the dissolution of the Indian National Congress under his presidentship.
His highness the Late Swamigil Jayendra Sarswati Ji of Shankeracharya Muth, Kanchi Kamakoti Peethum was put behind the bars for no fault of his and it was all done at the behest of the political bosses in Delhi when the UPA-I was in the saddle. He was humiliated, embarrassed and his image was tarnished. After his honourable acquittal by the Court, the Swamiji visited J&K State also. He said in a public programme in reply to a question at Jammu in 2012 that a wave of change was sure to take place which would take away the Delhi dictators by surprise and might even put them on the shores of the Indian Ocean. He but advised patience and perseverance.
The Karnataka elections are due now, so one more state is on the list. Congress will be left with two small States and one Union Territory and also with less than 100 MPs in the Parliament after the elections in Karnataka.  Before 2019, it cannot expect any state to come to its kitty. The way Congress has conducted itself over the last two months in particular is astonishing. It has disrupted Parliament continuously, got trapped in the Cambridge Analytica affairs and issued unnecessary statements, tried unsuccessfully to bring a no-confidence motion against the government at the Centre, stalled the legislative business at the cost of the public good, attacked the Prime Minister personally, conspired against the Chief Justice of India via impeachment resolution and promoted pseudo-religionism. The Lingyat politics in Karnataka is an outcome of extreme frustration of the Congress party.
For all practical purposes, 2019 is surely assuming a mile stone aura. How many more predictions and curses have to come true, only time can say. But one thing is certain, the downfall is not yet complete for the Congress. The new regional alliances are poised to take those places left vacant by the Congress. BJP and 2019 are going to be historic in both ways. In case, BJP wins again, it might put a final curtain on the Congress and otherwise Congress might take its own time to get dissolved…, tomorrow or the day after. It is thus that 2019 Parliamentary elections assume such an importance politically, historically and even internationally.
(The author is the President of Panun Kashmir-PK)