Potential “carriers” of virus to be tested

It is an established fact that grocery, vegetable and milk shops and other vending outlets are most frequented by the people and almost on daily basis, the vendors and shopkeepers, therefore, come in contact with the customers and vice versa. These points of buying and selling specially the vendors could be silent carriers of the deadly infection of corona-virus. To obliterate chances of spreading of infection, the Union Health Ministry has very rightly decided to have these vulnerable vendors tested for the virus. It has, therefore, asked the states and the UTs to take up testing of these people on priority basis.
Early and timely detection of cases would go a long way in saving lives and preventing the spread of the virus. The general public as customers themselves are required to adhere to the safety and precautionary measures strictly which in most of the cases, is not done even now, knowing fully that the pandemic is spreading fast and there is no decline in daily cases of new infected people even though mortality rate is continuously coming down in India as compared to other countries.