PM says he called Pak’s N-bluff because India is nuclear power

GUJARAT: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said he did not fall prey to Pakistan’s nuclear blackmail, because India has the “mother of nuclear bombs”.

Addressing a campaign rally at Surendranagar in Gujarat, Modi was referring to the surgical strikes and air strikes conducted by the country’s forces inside Pakistan in response to terrorist attacks in Uri and Pulwama.

“Earlier, terrorists from Pakistan would come here and go back after conducting an attack. Pakistan would threaten us, saying it has the nuclear bomb and will press the button (if India retaliated).

“We have nuclear of nuclear bombs (the mother of nuclear bombs). I decided to tell them, do whatever you want to do (but we will retaliate),” the Prime Minister said.

“In the past our people would weep, go around the world saying Pakistan did this, did that….It is now

Pakistan’s turn to weep.  (AGENCIES)