PM saying nothing happened before 2014, insult to people of India : Rahul

LONDON, Aug 26: Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for saying that no development happened in the country before he came to power in 2014, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said that by making such a statement, the PM has insulted people of the country.
Addressing a function of the Indian overseas Congress here on Saturday night, Rahul said, ”When India got Independence in 1947, people in the world said that democracy would not succeed in the country.
Today they say that India shows the future to the world. This was done by the people of the country.So when the Prime Minister says that nothing happened in the country in last 70 years, he is insulting people of the country.”
Charging the government of discriminating against Dalits, minorities and weaker sections of society, Rahul said, ”Today dalits, minorities and weaker sections are being discriminated against. And if they protest, they are beaten up.”
Attacking the Government on the deal for Rafale fighter jets, the Congress president said huge loss was caused to the exchequer by signing the deal at three times the price compared to the price at which the previous UPA Government had signed the deal .
He also charged the NDA Government of taking away the offset contract from Rafale and giving it to Anil Ambani ‘s which did not have any experience of defence production.
Rahul said that Mr Modi could not answer the questions posed by him in parliament. Charging the government of favouring a few corporates, he said ,”A few corporates owe Rs 12.5 lakh crore to banks as NPAs .
However, when the farmers of the country ask for waiver of their loans,, the Prime Minister and finance minister tell them it is not the Government policy.”
Attacking the Government on the lack of jobs, he said, ”China gives to its youth 50,000 jobs in 24 hours but the Indian Government is able to provide only 450 jobs in the same period.” (UNI)