Pakistan’s Kashmir ranting at Commonwealth meet

The utter non-sense of charging India , though without directly naming , of ”targeting ” its religious minorities , Pakistan tried in vain to hoodwink the Commonwealth foreign ministers’ meet as if the world community did not know how its religious minorities Hindus , Sikhs etc were systematically decimated to be reduced to a negligible number while ”hosting largest number of terrorists proscribed by the UN”. India virtually mocked and lampooned Pakistan at the said virtual meeting after Pakistan Foreign Minister referred to Kashmir as a disputed territory calling it a globally acknowledged promoter of state sponsored terrorism.
It is really laughable and utter stupidity on the part of Pakistan to claim itself also as an alleged victim of terrorism. Indian representative reminded Pakistan as to how it perpetrated genocide of its own people 49 years back and it had earned the ”distinction” of being the epicentre of terrorism. Pakistan was reminded about the areas it had occupied forcibly and had sooner than later to vacate the same. In fact, India has been consistently holding this stand resolutely that the only bone of contention is Pakistan not vacating the occupied areas of J&K which is known as PoK areas. Pakistan was thus snubbed by India for misusing the platform by pursuing what it termed as “bigoted , ill conceived , narrow and unilateral agenda”.