On our way to Independent India!

Karanvir Gupta
Jugaadu as the world likes to call us. Pseudo-seculars as some sceptics like to see us. Largest Democracy as we like to project us. Self-driven is what I believe we actually are! 69 years into an independent era and the reshaping, restructuring, and almost always re-inventing the ways we want our cultures to be whether social, civic or political continues; to anyone it seemed nearly impossible to flourish and mark ourselves an important landmark on the world map.
But defying all the perceptions and prejudice about the nation that was stuck in foreign rule for good 200 years, we tread ourselves a path. The past made it get lost in the continuous fight between the foreign ideals and indigenous cultures but we cleared the muck. We had just started weaving the thread of unity hung by myriad colours of ethnicity and religion when the political clout started pouncing upon it. Not that we didn’t have good and great leaders but the horrible ones made more noise and chaos. Despite all this we are undoubtedly one of the most sought after would be superpower of the world, one of the fastest moving countries, the one nation among the rest contesting for seat in UN Security Council and the one nation the world is looking up to.
Caught up in the socialist mindset for good amount of time post-independence, it is amazing to see how our consumerist trends have caught the attention of most of the business sectors. Because the beauty lies in the fact that we keep updating ourselves time to time. No wonder we are always called the Young India. All those years when the “top-brass” was busy framing rules, law, framework and policies, Indians learned to earn themselves a living and live a life. And I call this self-learned prophesy and the whole nation loves basking in its glory – discreetly may be!
Few years back when I was working as a software engineer, it first dawned upon me that whatever we do, until and unless we adopt technology in our day-to-day lives, we are not going to make the cut. But today when I write this piece, I feel uplifted and geared up on the thought that we are fast catching up on that. To many, -again sceptics primarily- the Digital India seems to be more of a political gimmick, but to me it is one step ahead in the right direction that comes from a vision. Being digital is the gateway to the whole new world of opportunities and we are ready to harp on that one.
We might see it as a stand-alone policy/move. But if we connect the dots and club this with 100 smart city programme (not commenting on which 100 cities have been shortlisted), this is a bold move to see a high tech and advanced infrastructure at place. And surely this will seem better in a cleaner and a greener India, Swachh Bharat to be precise. Gone are the days when we just wanted roti-kapda-makaan. Times have changed and so have the demands. We want rather we deserve healthy living, smart-tech cities and a sustainable life cycle.
You might be celebrating 69 years of independence, I am busy celebrating the dawn of independence that is forthcoming. Today when I sit in the Silicon Valley of India, it’s an adrenaline rush here. People are discussing ideas, the rich are investing and the most interesting tale of the story is the ones who flew abroad years ago are making a comeback. Says a lot about the paradigm shift and the bright future of our country.
Sceptics will keep doubting, analyst will keep posting trends, media shall keep flashing terrorist’s death rather than the president’s demise – a loss to the nation, and the opposition shall remain opposition. Interestingly we Indians will keep moving – stopping is just not so in our blood. We did it centuries ago (in 1757 and yet again in 1857), we did it decades ago (in 1947), we did it again (in 1974-75), we proved it (in 1991) and we are doing it now (2015) and we shall keep doing this.
As a citizen, I would like to say is let’s be a part of growth story and forge ourselves ahead on our way to Independent India – the dawn of the new beginning! Not everything is right in our nation but the nation comprises of us, so let us give our bit to change what is not so good in our country.Let us forge ahead on our way to Independent India (literally) where we are the makers of our nation. For now let’s gather and wish each other a Happy Independence Day!