Oldest crematorium in Jammu in pitiable condition

Not only is the “oldest” crematorium in Jammu a “victim” of official apathy to have it function on desired and modern lines but there is absence of the minimum basic requirements, that of cleanliness as also its bare minimum maintenance. The entire core area of the crematorium is replete with stink and foul smell emanating from a Nallah flowing in its immediate adjoining area and it becomes quite difficult for the people who come here for performing the last rites of their near and dear ones. In hot and humid summers , the position becomes quite difficult to stay for some time in the waiting hall , walls of which are in a pitiable condition with the roof having bushes grown around it and thus clamouring for urgent repairs and other necessary work. For years together, no whitewashing etc has been undertaken making the entire structure highlighting utter neglect and apathy of the concerned authorities. Look at the electric fittings and fixtures like ceiling fans etc which have turned black and virtually not working. A so called Park in the immediate neighbourhood has got converted into a haphazard jungle like place, meaning no one ”in-charge” for its maintenance having seen or visited it for years. Heaps of garbage and debris around the vicinity makes it all nauseous. Should this be the condition of a crematorium. A really passionate and emotional question for both the authorities and for the social organisations in Jammu.