Noose tightens around terrorist Masood Azhar

Consequent upon more and more countries sharing India’s concerns over the scourge of Pakistan bred and sponsored terrorism, as also as a sequel to Indian leadership’s successfully upping diplomatic campaign against Pakistan in explicitly and implicitly patronising terrorism and sending terrorists across the border a fresh proposal is mooted to be moved in the UN Security Council to designate JeM chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. The countries taking fresh lead in this connection are the United States, the UK and France. Once it is done, the said terrorist would be subjected to a travel ban globally, asset freeze and other punitive actions. He would thus be vulnerable to be hunted and subjected to rigors of law.
All the three countries are wielding veto powers in a 15 member nations’ Security Council and thus carry much significance. The Sanction Committee of the Security Council must consider and see the proposal through within its stipulated 10 working days. However, one more bid in this regard should not go astray like the earlier three in past ten years. Pakistan and its blue boy terrorist Masood has been getting a reprieve due to unwarranted posture and standing taken by China by (mis)using its veto powers. Though there has been some significant departure in its policy of rescuing Pakistan which became evident in Wuzhen Foreign Ministers’ meeting of India, Russia and China recently, yet it is to be seen what it does this time in the Security Council on the subject.
It may be recalled that India had taken up the bold initiative in this regard way back in the year 2009 by moving a proposal to designate Masood as an international terrorist after the UN banned and proscribed the Pakistan based terror group Jaish-e- Mohammed which had claimed full responsibility of recent Pulwama attack on CRPF personnel. Not only this, again in 2016, India moved the proposal again with the P-3 the US, France and the UK in the UN’s 1267 Sanctions Committee to ban Azhar, the mastermind of Pathankot airbase attack. In 2017 too the same efforts were made but for the unrelenting response of China in not showing its expected responsibility and duty in the interests of the world peace, not only in South East Asia on account of JeM spreading its tentacles and operating with impunity even in nom-de-plume and under assumed names. Most of the prominent countries had openly condemned Pulwama attack and asked for fighting terrorism excepting China which will undoubtedly find it difficult now to ignore the need to stand with the general opinion and the will of the countries on terror. While China is ruthlessly crushing any symptoms of any type of extremism let alone Jihadi related or even any allied activity in its own country in any form, even not allowing any type of motivation, it cannot afford at the same time shutting its eyes when it hurts other countries.
On the one hand, Pakistan is finding itself in a piquant situation as never before since global isolation and a collapsing economy are jointly squeezing it to reconsider continuing treading the suicidal path of terrorism and succumbing to extremist and fundamentalist elements, on the other hand it also watches how the entire world is engrossed in trade, commerce and strengthening their respective economies. India this time has given an indication of the will of ‘One India’ on fighting terrorism and sent a strong signal to Pakistan even if, in the words of the PM, it meant going alone and without active support of any other country which means ‘enough was enough’ and no more of it in any way whatsoever.