Non-availability of anti-rabies vaccine

I am working for animal welfare and try to minimise man animal conflict as much as possible.
There is an alarming situation in Jammu because of non availability of free anti rabies vaccination for people which is very important to relieve fear generated in public because of expensive vaccination cost .
The vaccination has been in short supply for last 4 months but no one has bothered to see to it. It’s the duty of the ministry of health to see that we have Rabies free society . And free availability of vaccination is very important and is a life saving drug . Rabies is 100 percent curable provided proper and timely vaccination.
People working with animals like dairy owners, wildlife horses, dogs etc even rats monkeys and bats need precautionery vaccination.
In case of any mishap or Rabies case consider the health department totally responsible and accountable .
Seconder Kaur Madaan
Save Animals Value Environment
Honorary Animal welfare officer for AWBI