Natrang stages ‘Rehearsal’

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 10: Natrang featured ‘Rehearsal’, a play in Hindi written by Lakshmi Kant Vaishnav and directed by Neeraj Kant at Natrang Studio Theatre Kachi Chawni here today in its weekly Theatre Series, Sunday Theatre.
In the play the writer has very satirically mocked on the people who want to do something without its proper knowledge and also without possessing the basic eligibilities of the field.
The play ‘Rehearsal’ very interestingly portrays the rehearsal scenario of a play where the cast is all women. Though they want to present a good show but their approach is not good enough and too much immature. The basic ingredients which are required to mount a professional theatre production like discipline, punctuality, team spirit, self-motivation, neutrality of the mind etc were all missing in these ladies and they were instead full of the traits like jealousy, gossip, lack of coordination and egotism.
The rehearsal becomes a free for all situation, where everyone reveals her mind in a dramatic manner. Though there is a director also but because of her own limitations and lack of mettle, she is not able to control the team. Where these ladies were required to act with compassion towards their fellow artists they had their own whims and fancies, few of them even had proud in their mind as their husbands are at higher posts resultantly they seek pampered treatment. Finally the rehearsal which was shown in the play ended up to be a chaos leaving a stern message that we need to be disciplined and committed to create a meaningful work of art.
Natrang’s young actors who performed in the play included Ashley Mehta, Kushal Sharma, Sushant Singh Charak, Mannat Gupta, Redhima Gupta, Aarti Devi, Kyannat Gupta and Priya Thakur.
Lights were operated by Gautam Kumar whereas the sound was rendered by Brijesh Avtaar Sharma. Mahikshit Singh Langeh presented the show before the audience and the show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen.