Natrang stages ‘Baasi Bhaat Main Khuda Ka Sanjhha’

A scene of play 'Baasi Bhaat Main Khuda Ka Sanjhha' staged by Natrang in Jammu.
A scene of play 'Baasi Bhaat Main Khuda Ka Sanjhha' staged by Natrang in Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 4: In Natrang Jammu’s consistent endeavour to promote meaningful theatre, ‘Baasi Bhaat Main Khuda Ka Sanjhha’, a play in Hindi based on Munshi Prem Chand’s story was featured today in Natrang’s Sunday Theatre Series at its Studio Theatre, here. The play has been directed by Neeraj Kant. A very thought provoking message was rooted in the play which had a lot to convey to the audience.
The play, in a very subtle manner, projects how a person’s faith changes because of the changing circumstances. ‘Dina Nath’, the main protagonist, is shown in a very pitiable condition in the beginning of the play as he is without job since months and has no money to meet his day to day expenses. He had exhausted all the resources he had, even the household things and whatever meagre jewellery his wife possessed was also sold. He had borrowed money from all his friends and acquaintances which he had already exhausted as he had no regular income. This increased his worries even more as people started to grapple him from neck to get their money back.
This frustration had made him an atheist and he blamed God for all his miseries. One day he finds a reasonably good job and after a few months of regular income, his condition starts to improve and he starts believing in God and his blessings. He then gets a promotion in his job with a condition to do some illegal work which he agrees.
Later he becomes anxious and fearful of God’s fury and in all difficult times of his, he thinks its God’s way of punishing him. But after overcoming them, he begins to think that all he has achieved in life is because of his own hard work, not a blessing from God, considering himself the master of his destiny. The play goes on…..
Natrang’s actors in this play included Shivam Singh, Meenakshi Bhagat, Sumit Raina, Rishav Sharma, Kananpreet Kaur and Kuldeep Angral.
The lights were operated by Neeraj Kant, music was scored by Aarti Devi. The show was coordinated by Mohd Yaseen and presentations were done by Sushant Singh Charak.