National anthem

Sovereign countries of the world have their national anthems. It is a song in praise of the country and the nation and the citizens’ expression of their aspirations. As such it has great sanctity. It is the symbol of national sovereignty and all patriotic citizens are expected to show due respect to it. The tradition all over the world is that at formal and also informal functions, national anthem is played to the accompaniment of music and people have to stand up and remain in attention till the anthem is played.
Regrettably in our country, there are some people who fail to adhere to the discipline and do not stand up in attention while the national anthem is played. They politicize it, and that is absurd. The Supreme Court has passed an order that national anthem will be played and national flag screened before starting to show a film in cinema halls and the audience will stand up and remain in attention till the anthem ends. SC has ordered that the Central Government will ensure that this order is implemented strictly within one week.
We salute the wisdom of the distinguished judges of the Supreme Court for issuing this order and setting at rest the long standing controversy over the playing of national anthem in cinema halls in the country once for all. The inference of this order is that anybody found disobeying the order is liable to be prosecuted under law. The Apex Court said the anthem should not be printed or displayed on undesirable objects, and also barred it from being played on variety of shows and its abridged version anywhere.
The verdict of the Supreme Court is as valid and sacrosanct as the clauses of the Constitutin of India. We hail the verdict and the dignity of the sovereignty of the nation embodied in showing respect to the flag and the national anthem.