Maksun Biotech Founders vision of success in backing up entrepreneurial dreams from the bottom of the pyramid

The company aims to support 200 entrepreneurial dreams by the end of 2022 

Pharmaceutical industry Maksun Biotech Private Limited is a known name in the industry. The ISO-certified firm markets and sells a wide range of ethical and critical use medicines apart from health supplements and derma care products. The company has gained quick ground in the Indian Pharma Market with its Pharma PCD business model that supports its franchisees to grow uninhibited in their distinct territories by providing a monopoly.

Maksun Biotech Private Limited was founded by three partners Ruchir Kumar Arora, Dr. Himanshu Arora, and Sh. Darshan Lal Arora in 2013. They unanimously decided to adopt the Pharma PCD Franchise model of business that only helps save the logistic cost of developing a chain of distributors and retailers but also help realize the entrepreneurial dreams of many who find manufacturing and marketing of their own products a big hurdle due to immense cost associated with it. Maksun Biotech Private Limited provides complete product procuring and marketing support to such individuals. It also provides marketing and distribution rights to the company’s wide range of quality products at a small investment.

The pharmaceutical leader markets and sells cardiac, diabetic, pediatric, ophthalmic, gynecologic, oncological, derma care, and critical care medicines. Its products are available across the country under 9 brand names that include Blair Remedies, Gynaemak, Denblue Pharma, Chinvas Dental Care, Adrif Vision, Shinom Cosmeceuticals, Rehan Care, and Kenriz Care. It has recently launched its new division Vezin Pharma which has an impressive range of 400+ products under general medicine products. The company that was already selling 700 medicinal and derma care products and is now selling a total range of 1100+ products available at the PAN India level to the consumers through its franchisees. The company that has already fulfilled thousands of entrepreneurial dreams and now plans to support 200 more entrepreneurs in a year with its new division.

The company has been able to gain quick and strong ground across many states of the country due to the kind of opportunity and benefits it provides to its franchisees. There has been a consistent enthusiasm toward Maksun Biotech Private Limited franchisees among individuals who want to land entrepreneurship in the pharmaceutical domain. The wide range of products from an already established brand and dedicated support by the Maksun Biotech Private Limited managerial and ground-level team makes it an attractive opportunity for budding entrepreneurs who have little or no idea of the pharma business.

As the country is experiencing more and more youth turning towards entrepreneurship the Pharma PCD Franchise opportunity is a win-win situation for both the franchisees and the firm as both supplement each other’s requirements in terms of logistic requirements and brand identity development.