LG’s obeisance at Amarnath

Upholding the venerated faith and devotion of Hindus towards Almighty Lord Shiva, Lt Governor Manoj Sinha performed auspicious Puja at the Holy Shrine of Shri Amarnath Ji with great enthusiasm. Mr Sinha has honoured the sentiments of the holy devotees and revised the previous year’s Live telecast Programme, enabling the devotees of all over India and abroad to enjoy the natural gift of Almighty Lord Shiva’s Arties as a routine process at 6.00 AM and 5.00 PM on routine basis since 28th of June, 2021.
As such, to find solace of mind, to achive some perfection of whimsical religious notions, Mr Sinha’s enthusiastic efforts are worthwhile and praiseworthy.
The devoted five pujaries deputed at the Holy Shrine to perform the puja as per the above schedule are performing their duties honestly, with full religious rituals of the Hindu culture and profound mantras, to repose peace of mind in our daily actions.
Security personnel are also performing their duties at the scheduled time, in as much as enjoying the blissful life beneath the Holy Shrine.
I, the senior citizen (alongwith my family) admire wholeheartedly the efforts of uplifting and developing the Shrine by showcasting the UT of J&K with a new look through the benign hands of LG Manoj Sinha.
Let all the devotees vow to pray the Supreme Almighty Kailash Abhinashi, the Lord Shiva of Amarnath Ji Shrine.
Khem Raj Biotra
236/9, Lambi Gali,