Latest Dogri film ‘Reet’ hits cord with audience

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Sept 22: The whole hearted public response to latest Dogri film ‘Reet’ not only has come as good news for its production team but also for the bright future of regional cinema in Dogri and other languages of the State.
A Navrudra Production, produced and directed by Pankaj Khajuria, who is also playing the lead role,the film ‘Reet’ which opened to full house at Hari Talkies, here on last Friday, has hit the cord with audience who are excited to see well made film in mother tongue.
The film based on theme of ‘Dohri, has successfully brought out the rural life style of Dogras in terms of ethnic details of typical costumes, music, indoor sets and selection of outdoor locations.
Talking to Excelsior, Raghav Sharma, a young cinemagoer said that the technical quality of the film is many times better than earlier Dogri films. He said clarity of scenes, good sound quality of the film was as good as any other Bollywood film.
The film due to its story is attracting the families and especially the fairer sex, said one of the gate keeper of Hari Theatre. He said that the songs of the film like ‘Naina Tere Naina, ‘Jag Chalo Chali Da Mela’, ‘Sara Chiriyaan Da Chamba’ have become popular and after the film shows are over the young people are found humming its songs.
The acting of Ridhima Singh who plays the role of young daughter whose love and even the life is sacrificed to uphold Dogra traditional value, Pankaj Khajuria as the hero, along with negative characters like that of Maddho played by Upendra Upadhayae and that of Bholi by Kusum Tichoo, have earned the appreciation. Other members of film’s cast including Madan Rangela, Raghunanthan Singh Bali, J R Sagar, Shammi Malhotra, Neelam Singh, Santosh Sangra, Subhash Jamwal have also done well.
The music of the film which has emerged as one of the attractions of the film has been composed by Arvind, and the lyrics by B S Dardi and Rajneesh Gupta and choregraphy by Kusum Tickoo. The camera work by Rajesh Khajuria has also come for lot of appreciation.
Ecstatic Pankaj Khajuria, the producer, director of the film, said that he very happy over the positive public response which has encouraged him to go for making more of such films in Dogri in future.