Kotak MF launches smart SIP, STP, SWP facility

Mumbai, Aug 8: Kotak Mutual Fund announced the launch of its Smart Facility for SIP, STP and SWP for all investors.
This feature takes the traditional SIP/STP/SWP facility a step further, where investors’ instalment (in case of SIP/STP) or withdrawal (in case of SWP) varies based on market valuation.
The new facility is available for all open-ended equity schemes, Equity Index Funds and Kotak Equity Hybrid Fund. The Smart SIP is aptly called ‘Smart’ as it considers valuations and makes investments accordingly.
With the new facility, the amount of investment or withdrawal is based on equity valuations Cheap, Neutral and Expensive. When valuations are expensive the default SIP instalment will be half (0.5x) of the base SIP amount and when valuations are cheap the instalment would be (2x) of the Base SIP amount.
This facility also allows you to choose the minimum and maximum SIP amount. Investors can also opt for this option through the Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) route.
The valuations are decided based on the net equity allocation of the Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund, which uses a combination of adjusted trailing Price to Earnings ratio (P/E ratio), and the trend as well as the sentiment data.
This platform is also available for redemptions through Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP). The Smart SWP enables the investor to redeem a higher amount when equity valuations are expensive and a lower amount when valuations are cheaper.