JKEDI sidestepping procedures, but why?

Leaving  aside the  steep ascent of following lengthy and time consuming procedures, sanctions, floating tenders and associated prerequisites in respect of project works , starting them and completing them , other things remaining the same , is a case study for training centers  rolling out trained and qualified business management professionals .Prudence demands that unless such a scenario does not provide sufficient reasons to smell something fishy and seriously hanky-panky about the whole issue and its contributory factors, those having done so must be encouraged and appreciated. Had it been so in real terms about Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI), we would have taken a very positive stand but the Institute having done over a dozen massive construction works involving an amount of Rs. 55 crore during the last three years without following procedures and rules, deserves instituting of an inquiry to find out the reasons thereof.
The Institute, otherwise a learning centre engaged in entrepreneurship development besides other vast spectrum of jobs, deals in sustained hassle free access to start up business, training and research, should present itself as a model to be emulated by the young entrepreneurs in laying stress on the efficacies of Detailed Project Report, technical feasibility, economic viability and associated norms all central to most of the activities and jobs performed by it. When it is found not adhering to these basics, it reveals more than hides any.
In a scenario of being accustomed to come across slow pace of work, stoppage of work, funds crunch and administrative recklessness, the instant   case is entirely different with varied connotations. How can the works involving the huge amount over three years be undertaken without any administrative approval , technical feasibility, economic viability, Detailed Project Report and more importantly, floating of tenders etc park the issue at the point of feeling suspect in its entirety. There are several instances having come to fore where works were started without any technical sanction or administrative approval like in the case of its main building and Public Relations office at Jammu having come up in late 2017 at a cost of Rs 11.50 crore .
Another case that of construction of Guest House of the JKEDI in Jammu which  was started in January last year at the cost of Rs 6 crore jointly by Ess Ess Enterprises and the Tarmac, again without any sanction obtained from the administration and without any technical assistance and sanction. There are several such works, going into individual details, more or less, point out the same modus operandi and the manner of starting and completion of the “designated” works.
Construction works done by the same company or set of companies over the span of three years is unexplained while the same policy adopted points out glaring willful circumventing rules and procedures. Normally, all such works must immediately follow being subjected to austere audits, pin pointing departures from the set procedures so that appropriate action could be initiated. After all , why so much of haste and not have the endurance for presenting concerned papers for approval from the competent authorities prior to starting of works, raises many questions and reasons arise for attributing motives .
The Director, under whose nose this all happened must clarify suitably and on the query as to why tenders were not floated, as in the case of renovation of Women Center, his vague reply that since the Centre was to be “inaugurated” by the former Chief Minister, there was no time for issuing tenders, holds no water and cannot be any cogent reason to claim any relief. A proper inquiry would clear the mist which should be instituted in the right earnest.