JK Cement Khrew shut for 9 days, suffers losses worth crores

Fayaz Bukhari
Srinagar, Jan 28: The Khrew plant of Jammu and Kashmir Cements Limited was shut for nine days as it had run out of coal leading to atleast Rs 6 crore loss to the Corporation.
The plant which has installed capacity of 1200 metric tonnes per day produces 700 tonnes of Cement on an average. The plant remained closed for nine days (January 14 to January 22) as it had run out of coal that is used for manufacturing of cement and the Corporation suffered a loss of at least Rs 6 crore. And besides, the Corporation was running only one kiln of the plant before shutting down the entire plant.
Normally, the Corporation stores 15-20, 000 metric tonnes of coal so that the plant does not suffer from any kind of shortages.  The coal is being procured normally on advance payment from Kolkata and stored in the plant.
However, in order to meet the exigencies and after suffering losses, the Corporation has now procured coal from a private player at higher rates. Sources said that the Corporation has placed an order for Coal worth Rs 5 crore with Insha Developers Ranchi without issuing tenders and it has so far delivered 500 tonnes.
And in the meantime, sources said that the JK Cement is compromising on the quality of the Cement as they are using low grade raw material. The grinding media that was supplied to Samba plant by a Rajasthan based company was not found fit for use and the company was asked to lift the material back but later it was lifted by the Corporation itself and used in JK Cement Khrew plant.
The Samba plant dispatched the 9 metric tonnes of material to Khrew Plant (No. JKCL: SP: 2017 – 694 dated 24-04-2017) for use after it remained there for one year. “The Grinding Media of different sizes received from M/s Kamla Castings Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur (Rajasthan) vide bill No. 000001 dated 18-04-2016 and bill No. 000002 dated 30-04-2016 could not be loaded in the Cement Mill due to very less percentage of Chromium and hardness as per the requisite norms. In this regard the supplier was several times asked to lift the said material back but till date he has not lifted the material back.
The information in this regard has already been conveyed to I/C New Plant, I/C (P&B) and I/C (RD&QA). As per letter No. JKCL.P&P:NP (Belting)-2017-3916 dated 21-04-2017 we were asked to dispatch the Grinding Media to Khrew Cement Works and the same is being dispatched through Tipper No. JK01P-5082, weighing 9 MTs”.
A letter written by Deputy Manager Samba plant (JKCL Samba Lab: 05-2016-161 dated 24-04-2016) to Managing Director read:  “On dated 23-04-2016 09 Mts of Grinding media of different sizes (90mm, 80mm, 70mm, & 60mm) received from M/s Kamla Castings Pvt. Ltd. as per order No. JKCL:PAP:NP:HI-C/G/Media/2013/2377 dated- 23-09-2013 & order No. JKCL:P&P :2016/427 dt: 16-04-2016. After having the physical observation it was observed that the media was oil dipped and maximum portion of it was having visible holes. Information was given to you at the same moment regarding its physical observation and with the request that the same may be kindly conveyed to the worthy Managing Director and permission for conduction the cross check Test from a reputed Testing Lab. As per the directions of Managing Director get the Grinding Media Balls checked from a reputed testing Lab”, read the letter.
The test of the material suggested that it is not fit for usage. “The samples of eight (8(4×2)) Balls of different sizes (90mm, 80mm, 70mm, & 60mm) was sent for Testing. After getting the Test report it was observed that the Grinding Media supplied by the concerned Company is not fit for usage at any cost. The Grinding Media was not charged/loaded in the Mill on a/c of Test failure Certificate. Information regarding its Test failure was conveyed to you and M/S Balaji. The same views were passed on by M/S Balaji by mail not to load the mill with this Grinding Media”, read the letter.
“On dated. 07-05-2016 9Mts of Grinding Media size (90mm, 80mm, 70mm, & 60mm) received from the same supplier which was loaded in the barrels but the media was again oil dipped. The sample was also sent for conducting the required test from the same reputed Lab”, the letter further read.
“The test report received of the same sample from the lab revealed that the Chromium (Cr) Content was as per the requirement but its BHN Hardness was on the lower side. The test certificate was sent to the M/s Balaji by mail and with the request that the media received on 07-05-2016 as per the test report may kindly be loaded in Ball Mill. They refused to load this Grinding Media”, the letter read.