inner voice


Can you imagine security personnel,
supposed to guard the citizens are
uncovered and unprotected from the
wild wrath of unethical stone pelters,
creating a pseudo suspicion on their valour…
Mucky mob with hatred towards Indian flag,
with Indian Soldiers, Policemen, Army Jawans,
B.S.F. and C.R.P.F. under the cover of
State Government who are otherwise supposed
to be loyal to the nation, help the gruesome gang…
Lenient governments for the past 70 years
sucked the nation monetarily, took away
the big bite of loaf, big posts of bureaucracy,
precious chairs in national legislation,
amassed big assets
in metro cities and still abused Tri-colour
with no fears…
J&K – Kashmir in particular is a hellish heaven
created by local militants and out of state
insurgents making a mockery of Indian Army
who are hand cuffed by the political eunuchs,
not permitted to save their self even…
I, like millions of Indians have a concern
for our Army men who are guarding
our national crease in blazing sun
and pouring rain,
in deserts and glaciers, who save the nation from
the villain vagaries but bleed to death out of turn…
Brave hearts chained, although guns dangling
on their shoulders, their morale sky high,
their know-how and caliber of warfare
hailed by world over but not allowed to spit
the gunfire because of an appeasing
Court and the King…
Mr. PM! Shake up the self and roar
like a lion, trample over the lethargic mind
and suspicious whatever, order the brave
in uniform to cross over the borders and
boundaries to kill the enemy on their shore…
Dr. Roshan Saraf


Tale of two cities is very old,
When one is hot, the other is cold
Both are situated on the banks of the rivers,
Since the time immemorial,
Both are the seats of justice,
Where shifting of capitals is in practice.
One is known as City of Temples,
The other is known as City of Paradise,
Both are beautiful and worth,
Well known as heaven on  the earth.
Both are rich for cultural heritage,
With multi-languages, dresses and habitat
Both are the world renowned tourist abodes,
From the country and the abroad,
Both are famous for their hospitality,
Besides flavoured dishes, fruits and honesty,
Both witnessed horrow and turmoil,
Withstood them with strength and smile,
Though both are miles away from each other,
But very close like sisters and brothers.
May long live both the cities on this earth,
May both grow and grow in peace
and prosperity.
Bodh Raj Rao
Gurha Brahmna
(Ban Talab)


If u think you are powerful
and nothing can penetrate you,
then a gush of water can
go deep in you
If you think you are powerful
and nothing can open you
then changing temperature can
cause crevices in you.
If you think you are powerful
and nothing can scratch you,
then roots of plants can break you
If you think you are powerful
And will never have
a relationship with,
Then lichens can encounter with you
If you think you are powerful
and turned into immortal
then time can kill you
If you think you are powerful
and not need to look around
then small things can eat you.