IIPA discusses ‘Floods in 2014 & Lessons for Disaster Management’

Excelsior Correspondent

Dr Ashok Bhan delivering presidential remarks on conclusion of 2-day seminar by IIPA at Jammu on Tuesday.
Dr Ashok Bhan delivering presidential remarks on conclusion of 2-day seminar by IIPA at Jammu on Tuesday.

JAMMU, Feb 3:  Two-day seminar on ‘Floods in 2014: Lessons for Disaster Management for J&K’, by the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), Jammu and Kashmir Regional Branch, in association  with the  Department of National Security Studies (NSS), Central University of Jammu (CUJ), concluded today.
During the first session of the last day, delegates discussed issues on “Preparedness to Minimize the Risks of Disasters”.  Prof Y Pardhasaradhi, Head of the Department of Public Administration, CUJ, presided the session. He along with Prof  G M Bhat, a seismologist and Rector, Bhaderwah Campus of  Jammu University (JU) and Dr  Manohar Rana, Block Medical Officer, Sohanjana, Jammu, presented papers on lessons to be learned from natural calamities, disaster management planning and role of hospitals in disastrous situation respectively.
During the valedictory session,   Maj Gen V K Naik (Retd), Senior Consultant, National Institute of Disaster Management, New Delhi, expressed his views on issues related to national emergency including floods, land avalanche, stampede, earthquake etc.
Professor Gopalji Malviya, Dean of NSS, CUJ, presented a comprehensive summary on the two day seminar. He also elaborated on post incident trauma of disaster victims and emphasized upon the need to recognize individuals extraordinarily involved in fighting the incident.
Dr Ashok Bhan, patron, IIPA J&K Regional Branch, in his presidential remarks, stressed upon the need for attitudinal shift among the people to mitigate the risks of disasters and also stressed upon a dire need to develop alternate means of communication in the time of crisis, which are more dependable to support the rescue and relief process. While emphasizing the need for staying prepared for any disaster, he quoted an adage saying that “the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”.
Prof Alka Sharma conducted the valedictory session while Er J B S Johar, Honorary Secretary, IIPA, presented a formal vote of thanks.