Aries : Life sometimes smiles down upon you, and today seems to be such a day. Though you will remain occupied with your work, there will be no pressure. Same is the case with your personal life. What more does one need? Ganesha is probably trying to teach you to be content.

Taurus : Your health and fitness cannot be taken for granted this day, asserts Ganesha. Be careful of what you eat and drink. Avoid dust and smog. You could get indisposed in any number of ways. If there are signs of illness, consult a medical specialist with wasting any time. You may become too free and in spending money. Extravagance of any kind will cause you money problems. Be particularly careful about this.

Gemini : Today, you will get more assertive and aggressive when your authority is challenged, predicts Ganesha. You will probably take chances in financial matters later in the day. In the evening, an unpleasant occurrence is likely to throw you off guard. Don’t lose heart, your future is bright.

Cancer : Today, you will be day-dreaming about your sweetheart. And as the day ends, the dream may come true, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you will handle certain perilous situations with great tact. At work, you will be a live wire and others will be surprised to see your enthusiasm. Ganesha knows it is that dream that has made your day. One can only imagine how it may be like seeing it come true later in the day.

Leo : There’s more to glittering gold than meets the eye, says Ganesha. But today, you can be rest assured that monetary problems, which were troubling you for so long, will finally be solved as you make money from various sources later in the day. Still, this does not mean you incur avoidable expenses. Ganesha foresees you generating wonderful results at the workplace towards the end of the day.

Virgo : You are most likely to wield the baton if a question on your authority is raised, predicts Ganesha. Also on the cards is a possibly risky venture with finances. An unexpected and not-so-nice event in the evening will add certain lines of worry to your face. But don’t worry, says Ganesha, because where there is life, there is hope.

Libra : Emotions may cloud your thinking today, portends Ganesha. Just remind yourself that like everything else, this phase too shall pass. You may seek refuge in religious and spiritual activities. But this said, today is a highly profitable day for moneylenders. But if you happen to be in the retail business, you might have to work hard to earn an extra buck, says Ganesha.

Scorpio : A fair-weather day today. Fair winds will help you fare well, says Ganesha. You can hazard to expect astonishing financial gains in business dealings today. Academic learning curve will be exponential today. In spite of all, you remain sensitive and understanding, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Put your feet up and relax today. Ganesha predicts a stress-free, peaceful day. Your concentration might just waver because of some minor issues. But don’t worry, says Ganesha. Your comic side will mesmerise the opposite sex today.

Capricorn : Who wouldn’t enjoy spending fun time with friends? But it’s the hectic work schedule that makes such gathering a rare occasion. You will be fortunate to be in the company of your friends today, says Ganesha. Your love life will blossom too, and your sweetheart will seem today more understanding of your problems than they have been in recent past. Your family will support you in every way, which will make you want to live up to their expectations.

Aquarius : Today, you will devote yourself to something you’ve neglected in the past. And it’s advisable to organise your closet before it falls apart! If nothing, you may spend the day scouring job advertisements, and going for interviews. It’s a busy day whichever way, says Ganesha.

Pisces : You are likely to reveal your innermost feelings and the true nature of your thoughts today, says Ganesha. Feel free to be optimistic about your chances of success if you are thinking of proposing to someone special in the evening. More pleasure, less pain. Now, who wouldn’t want that?