HC swats State for airy approach

It had to coincide with the day when the State Cabinet approved  much awaited death sentence for the rapists of women under the age of 12, when the High Court took the state to task for its flippant attitude towards rape cases despite engaging battery of lawyers for the same.
Expressing serious concern and equally displeasure as well, about “the attitude of the state in rape case of a minor girl sending shivers down the spine of a man, a battery of lawyers has been engaged by the State to conduct and handle the matters in which the state is a party….”
Describing the attitude of the state as abject, dismal and desolate, Justice M .K. Hanjura was critical about not filing the objections in answer to the instant bail application although a number of opportunities were provided by the court to the state through its counsel. How in a case, barbaric like a rape of a minor, the state  could afford not to take things seriously, the  Judge  observed. He directed that the copy of the rejection of bail plea to be forwarded to the Chief Secretary of the State just to take stock of the casual approach of the state in matters as heinous as rape of a minor girl.
The case pertained to a gruesome incident when in Budgam, Kashmir a minor girl of just nine years was kidnapped and raped in a brick kiln in the year 2017. There is need of a four pronged zero tolerance at every level against inhuman and detestable capricious act of ravaging the modesty of women, especially minor girls. Any casual approach whether at Government level, social levels or at any other forums in such cases cannot be accepted and even condoned.