Golden girl Hima Das

In the words of the iconic cinema figure Amitabh Bachhan , “You have given us reason to hold up our heads high, Jai Hind” sum up how we in the country feel about the young girl Hima making a historical event by winning the coveted medal of yellow metal in 400 meter of  World U 20 championship.
The President, the Prime Minister and host of leaders congratulated Hima for the feat. It is especially priceless looking to her very limited economic family background, the proud daughter of a farmer of Assam. She has shone in the sports field to show to the potential hidden talent in the country that hard work and determination alone could make such events possible even in absence of highfalutin facilities trainings and comforts. However, the credit goes to her coach too in slightly reshaping and remoulding Hima to enable her mark an indelible presence on the world sports scene.
She has credit to her activism on social front too  by demolishing country liquor vends in her village back in Assam, the brave girl fondly called as “Dhing Express”, Dhing being the name of her village. Her father says that she is determined as a rock having tremendous courage. The country is proud to have such daughters and it is expected that she ensures that the medal won by her was just her first, just first only and never on earth the last.


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