Field visits on weekly basis

Unless regular monitoring by way of physical field visits by the concerned officers are undertaken , positive ground results would never emerge as per expectations. Why should repeated verbal and written instructions to this effect be ignored or afforded to be taken lightly is the moot question. Equally what arrangement was there at the supervising top levels to “get the work done” and seek explanations as to why progress reports on weekly basis were not filed by the designated authorities mandated to undertake such field visits.
Administrative Secretaries, however, hold special responsibility in respect of visiting actual sites and areas where projects and various schemes were underway and implemented to oversee whether things were moving on expected lines and importantly, listen to the grievances of the people who could prove as the best and the immediate appraisers. It is no use, excepting doing that “Khaana Poori”, by ‘holding’ review meetings in the cosy environs of the secretariat which in fact, was defeating the very purpose, if not mocking the entire idea. Let a sense of belonging percolate down the psyche of such HoDs and Administrative Secretaries that with changing times and conditions, they had to be serious towards such duties for which in fact, they were engaged in government service and handsomely paid for. Disregarding and defaulting tendencies in discharging duties needed to be penalised.