Enquiry Committee pillories govt. agencies

We were apprehensive whether the formation of an enquiry panel by the State Government would submit its report in respect of the heart rending road tragedy on Kishtwar-Keshwan Road early this month which claimed 35 precious lives . The panel, in its findings, however, has pilloried most of the Government agencies for failure on their respective part in preventing and avoiding such accidents on roads. It has pointed out that violation of relevant rules were looked at not seriously and adhering to the guidelines of Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highway as also of the Supreme Court were not given any heed.
The State Government should peruse the findings of the panel as also what happened to the recommendations made following September 14, 2018 road accident which resulted in the death of 17 lives and injuries to 16 others. In other words, it would be seen that 2018 recommendations were perhaps only routinely read and never acted upon which should not be the case in the instant findings of the enquiry panel which should be given a practical shape to avert more road tragedies in future. Let travel on J&K roads be comparatively safe and trouble free.