Empowering rural women

I fully endorse the views as highlighted by Dr Navneet Kour in her article ‘Empowering rural women’. Dr Kour’s call to action resonates deeply with the urgent need to uplift and support the women living in rural areas.
As we are all aware, education is a fundamental human right, and it holds the key to transforming the lives of women in rural India. It is disheartening to note that in many remote areas, girls are denied the opportunity to learn, with an unfair expectation that they are destined for household duties. However, education empowers them, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to make independent decisions and stand against prevalent social injustices.
I applaud the efforts of NGOs like “NGO Support” in making a difference by providing informal education and skill development, enabling women and girls to break free from the cycle of poverty. We must all join this noble cause and work together to create safe spaces, promote education, and support small businesses to ensure women’s financial independence. Only then can we truly bridge the gender divide and empower rural women to lead dignified lives.
Isha Devi
Bari Brahmna, Jammu